Remote Eye Lite




    The application enables remote image capture and playback of sound effects from any place on the Earth. These features are triggered by short text messages (SMS).

    Where and how you can use this application (examples):
    - monitoring house/room, eg during a holiday,
    - monitoring a car,
    - observing the children's room,
    - see where your wife / husband is
    - observation of people with disabilities
    - making jokes

    Use your old Android phone as a secret camera to observe people or your property.

    Do you like jokes?
    Persuade a friend to install Remote Eye and later send funny sounds. It will be played even the application is off.

    At the same time you can control up to 4 cameras (Remote Eyes) by one device.

    Remote Eye supports almost all Android smartphones and tablets since version 2.1.

    NOTE: The program may not work correctly if you have installed GO SMS which has set not allowed priority for the captured messages. It is recommended to set lower priority (below 1000) in Settings or simply uninstall it.

    Keywords: remote, camera, SMS, control, observation, watching, spying, jokes

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