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Remote Tools is a utility app that will let you interact with your Windows PC via your WiFi connection.

This version includes a touchpad tool which allows you to control your Windows PC just like using a laptop touchpad.

General features:
1. Zero config, user friendly server software. Simply run it and go. The server port is configurable if you'd like to change it.
2. PC discovery function. Scan for Remote Tools Servers running on your network, allowing the server IP and port to be filled automatically.
3. Switch between windowed or full screen to allow you to check notifications without closing the app.

Touchpad features:
1. Fully configurable sensitivity for mouse movement and scrolling. Both use a unique acceleration algorithm to give a very smooth, intuitive feel.
2. Configurable interface. Show or hide the scroll pad and/or mouse buttons.
3. Multi-touch gestures. Tap to click (2 fingers for right click), tap+hold to drag n drop, 2 finger scroll.
4. Sticky mouse buttons. Long press to hold the button down. Holding the middle button allows you to scroll using the touchpad with 1 finger.
5. Quick keyboard, where you can quickly send text strings to the Windows PC and also send keystrokes for some other common keys.
6. Windows clipboard functions. Quickly select all, cut, copy and paste from the touchpad menu.

Planned features:
1. Mediacenter remote. Control Mediacenter and other software just like using a remote control.
2. Fully functional keyboard.
3. Use your Android device as a gamepad.
4. File explorer to transfer between the Windows PC and the Android device.
5. Suggestions?

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