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Reset Spen Pro

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**** R E Q U I R E S -- R O O T ****

Thank you for READING the following BEFORE commenting/reviewing:

  1. For Samsung Note, Note II, and Note III phones. Also works on Note 8 tablets prior to Android 4.2.2 update. A newly modified kernel (see exists for Note 10 tablets that appears to provide the needed files and the app appears to work there. No other devices are supported!

  2. Your device likely must have a TouchWiz-based ROM for this app to work. Other ROMs may lack support for the S-Pen settings that this app manipulates.

  3. Please see the free version of this app called Reset S-Pen (free)
    before buying to ensure that it works on your device and achieves the desired results.

  4. Please email me from the link on this page with questions, comments, or suggestions. I cannot respond to reviews left by users so that is not the best channel to reach me.

Reset S-Pen Pro employs the same underlying mechanism as the free version but offers greater ease of use:

  1. It permits you to have the S-Pen reset function performed automatically on a periodic basis. This can be enabled and the period interval set from the app's settings menu.

  2. It provides added support for AOSP ROMs such as SuperNexus which only minimally support the S-Pen:

    • They may lack a system dominant hand preference. Now you can specify one in this app's settings and the S-Pen will be notified when the reset function occurs (Reset Now or scheduled)

    • They may not notify the S-Pen when your device orientation changes. This leads to poor results in landscape mode. If scheduled operations are enabled, Reset Spen will take care of making sure this happens

  3. The display of popup messages upon successful resetting of the S-Pen via scheduled operations can be suppressed (failures are always displayed). This too is
    controlled via the app's settings menu.

  4. It can optionally toggle the state of your device's auto-rotate setting in addition to toggling the state of your S-Pen's dominant hand. I had read that this can help with S-Pen issues related to portrait versus landscape modes. See the app's settings menu.

  5. It can create one or more application "Reset Now" shortcuts on your home screen from which you can manually trigger the S-Pen reset whenever you wish. See the main screen's menu.

  6. It offers a 1x1 widget with which you can manually trigger the S-Pen reset whenever you wish. Note that widgets differ technically from shortcuts and lack any text below the icon. There may be cases where a widget is preferred to a shortcut and vis-a-vis.

Perhaps additional capabilities will be added later along with localizations other than English. I hope you will find these additions over the basic Reset S-Pen
worth the small price.

Please email me from either app's marketplace page with questions, comments, or suggestions. I cannot respond to reviews left by users so that is not the best channel to reach me. Thanks!

**** R E Q U I R E S -- R O O T ****

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Recently changed in this version

Modification to support of ASOP ROMs such that the S-Pen is notified properly of all orientation changes including Reverse Portrait (180 degrees) and Reverse Landscape (270 degrees) in addition to existing support for standard Landscape and Portrait.

Added permission android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER to keep SU program happy.

Comments and ratings for Reset Spen Pro
  • (80 stars)

    by ryan lewis on 20/12/2013

    I would defiantly rate this a 5 if there were a left hand mode in the settings. Being that there are no S pen settings if not using the stock ROM, it would be great to see them added to this app.

  • (80 stars)

    by James Shumaker on 21/04/2013

    When you are using an AOSP/AOKP ROM, you absolutely need this app. Well worth the price. Thanks.

  • (80 stars)

    by ryan freeman on 17/04/2013

    I purchased a note from eBay and I had noticed that the cursor was off but I thought that's how it was until I bought this app and Wow I truly notice a difference EXCELENT WORK!!!!!!!

  • (80 stars)

    by Afham Ramli on 28/02/2013

    Best solution for those who are a fan of AOSP ROMs like I do as most (I think all) AOSP ROMs lack S-pen settings. Since I am left-handed, I can now switch dominant hand from default right to left on a non-Touchwiz ROM. Again, a left-handed user + an AOS