Revolve to Unlock



How to unlock the screen of your phone?

Some may need to input a password to unlock it;

Some may swipe the screen to unlock it;

Now you can just revolve the button to unlock the screen.

Is it interesting?

Welcome to try it now!


This is one of the android- based unlocking tools.

* It combines unlocking tool with phone management of wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and airplane mode.

* Revolve to unlock. You just need to revolve to unlock. It is quite simple and new.

* Allows you to quick open message editor;

* Allows you to quick open android camera;

* Allows you to quick enter your home screen;

* Allows you to make a call directly.

* Show time and date to you on the unlocking interface.


1. Rotate the pointer to point to a shortcut icon to launch the function and unlock the screen. In details, you can launch it when the icon turns to blue;

2. Slide the arrow on the bottom right corner up to view the management button;

3. Then you can just click on wifi or Bluetooth button to turn them on/off.


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