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Rex (formerly called Mapsaurus) is the easiest way to explore the Android app market and discover new apps and games perfect for you.

Rex lets you explore from app to app based on similar traits. Looking for a new game? Rex makes it easy to find games that are similar to ones you already know you love. Looking for the perfect document-editor or file manager? Quickly and easily compare screenshots, ratings, and prices to find the app that’s perfect for you.

Instead of being limited to the results of a search or the most popular apps in a category, with Rex you can explore away from the beaten path to discover new, unexpected, great apps and games that you might never have known about otherwise. Rex also recommends new apps to try based on your personal taste. If those recommendations aren’t perfect, you can easily explore for something that is!

Apps and games are connected by their similar traits in Rex’s unique interactive map of apps. Swipe in the direction of an app that interests you to explore related apps.

Rex recommends the best apps and games for you based on your personal tastes in apps. Precise, personal recommendations are updated twice a week so you always have new, great, recommendations to explore from. Other apps give you hundreds of mediocre recommendations and no way to explore apps related to the recommendation.

Browse precise sub-categories, like “Task Managers”, “Voice Recorders”, “Emulators”, or “Zombie Games”. Discover categories you never expected!

Find only free apps, or find more games that are currently trending or high quality. Recommendations based on traits you care about appear on the interactive map.

Rex comes with a batch uninstaller that makes uninstalling old apps quick and easy, so when you’re done downloading all these great new apps and games, you can clear up space for more!

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