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    Rhybudd is a tool to allow Network and Systems Administrators who use use Zenoss to receive Notifications (either via Polling or a ZenPack powered push mechanism) then Acknowledge and manage those Notifications directly from the app.

    Visit for full details on configuring the Rhybudd ZenPack for instant alert delivery.

    Rhybudd also provides access to the Zenoss infrastructure data allowing you to view Device information and graphs. NFC tags can be written with a Device identifier allowing you to tap an NFC tag to instantly load up that Device in Rhybudd.

    Dock mode has been removed in favour of Android Day Dream mode. Certain widgets now support addition to the Lock screen.

    Full support from Zenoss 3.2.1 through to Zenoss 4.2.4 and Zenoss As A Service installations.

    See the official Zenoss Wiki for additional information and help

    If you have any problems or suggestions please tweet @NetworkString or submit an issue report on GitHub:

    • FULL NETWORK ACCESS - Required to access your Zenoss server and Google Cloud Messaging

    • YOUR ACCOUNTS - A requirement of Google Cloud Messaging ( ) and for Sync ( )

    • PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING - A requirement of Google Cloud Messaging ( )

    • VIBRATE - Required to enable Notifications to use the vibrate functionality of your device

    • NFC - Required to write to NFC tags and use Android Beam.

    • READ / WRITE SYNC SETTINGS - Required to enable regular synchronisation of Zenoss meta data e.g. Device production state ( )

    A full breakdown of permissions is available on the Zenoss wiki:

    Full source code available here:

    Zenoss and the Zenoss logo are the trademarks of Zenoss, Inc. Rhybudd and its authors are not affiliated with Zenoss, Inc.

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