Rifle Message




    Rifle Message can offer you many information about rifles! Do you know what rifle types have on market? Do you know what is the weight and length of special gun model? Do you know which is German popular guns? Have you even been to gun store and watch their detail information? Rifle Message can tell you all answers! If you have interested in all kinds of guns (no matter the handguns or pistols and even flame throwers), this free app will help you much!
    We offer you two different classification in this app, you can choose gun types or country according to your own preference! In gun type button, we offer you four types---pistols, assault rifles, battle rifles and flam throwers. Every type has suit gun models. For example, in pistols, you can see Alfa Defender, Asp, Glock21 and so on. There is also a gun country's button. The app distribute guns in 13 countries. For example, you what to search the typical gun of Austria, you should press country button first and then select Australia, you can see the gun developed by this country!

    Let's view its functions in detail:
    1.It offer you 24 gun types information.
    2.There is an icon of every type of gun. As a result, you can see what the gun looked like with the icon picture.
    3.We offer you many information:
    -Type and develop country.
    -Service history: Which army used it and what battle did it used for.
    -Production history. In which year it was produced.
    -Specifications: weight, action, rate of fire and maximum range.
    4.Classified with country. We distribute the 24 gun in 13 countries. As a result, you can know which the gun belongs to!
    5.Unlock the screen. When you watch the information with this free app, the screen may locked or become screen. It is really a trouble thing. If you active with "setting" button, you can unlock the screen.
    6.If you what to install other apps (like video player, horoscope, gun playing games or other free widgets), you can install directly with "about" button. It will take you to install site!
    7.Supply me with five stars if you satisfy with it. It also can take you to the Google Play page.

    No matter if you need a gun or not in daily life, you should know more about guns. When you encounter some problem with guns, you can get the answer easily with this app. In my option, it is also a necessary education to your children. Or they will become confused when they need some information! It is also good to their self-defense! Install and enjoy it now. It will not let you down.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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