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    22:00 - Wednesday fortnightly collaboration, has been broadcast on TV and [Rikurabo Odaiba! App "useful" that was born to Mr Rika Ishii motif of singer-songwriter of this program serve as the MC.

    What I have when I do not want to be sniffed by others such as the site you are viewing e-mail and personal, the screen of Android. If you use such a resolution when everything in this screen filter [× Rika Ishii! By viewing the filter with the example, you can go and be less visible to others the screen!

    ON / OFF operation of the filter is easy to be switched with a single button! The concentration of the filter can be freely set! To view the filter's glamorous Rika Ishii, ♪ Please enjoy a comfortable life Android

    ■ function
    A. Screen filter
    set ON / OFF

    Two. Status bar icon
    (can be operated from the status bar always) setting ON / OFF

    Selection of three. Filter pattern
    ⇒ 6 patterns included Rika Ishii's Photos!

    (Blank filter) selection of four colors.
    black, white, blue, red, green, yellow
    ※ It is recommended to set the black!

    Transparency settings 5.
    can be set for "Dark 0% to thin 100%"

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