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    Ring Editor
    I know you have use a same song as your ringtone for a long time. Why don't you change another one? To change another beautiful music, you have to download free Mp3 music or other formats file form internet and it takes you many steps! And the ring you download always not suit your mobile or the time is not suit the ring you what to use. For example, you what to set a alarm ring to wake you up in the morning. But the ring you download is too long and there is a stilly period before climax! What should you do? Now you can edit your own ringtone with a app named Ring Editor. You can take part from the whole song and set it as your ring. If you do not like the free music download from internet, you can record your own voice or thr voice of others as your ringtone. Then it becomes the ring that only belongs to you. It is unparalleled.
    In addition to make your own ringtone, we also prepared you many special ring on app system. There are 21 tone type and every type includes tens of ring file. I bet you must can find one you love most. With the hundred ring on system, you need not download from torrent websites or Facebook any more. It makes your setting more conveniently.The ring includes the sound of Ferrari, battle, knocking...
    Powerful features:
    -Totally free ringtone app for all android mobile users.
    -Edit the music on your mobile phone. It can take part from the whole MP3, WMA music and set it as your ringtone as you like.
    -Record the ring as you like. You can record the sound/voice that impressed you most in daily life and choose them as you ring.
    -Set the call ringtone, alarm and warning ringtone at one time. You need not enter different app and set them one by one. You can set them all at this app conveniently!
    -Choose ring file from system. In the app system, we offer you 21 tone type which includes all special voice on internet. You can find the voice of dragster, fight, boat and so on. The most great thing is there are more file in every type. Press the type, it will show you a list and you can press to set them.
    -You can have a audition before setting the ringtone.
    -If you what to set a call ring, you can add contact from your contact book! Then when the contact you add phone you, you can hear the music only belongs to him/her.
    -Save the file(file in app system), you make the ring successfully and the ring will also be saved in your SD card.
    -Many music formats files are offered in this app including wav, mp3, ogg and so on.
    -Choose file from your SD card. I know you have download some beautiful music on your SD card from twitter, Facebook and so on. Now you can also choose one and set as ringtone with this app.
    -Set the mode of your mobile! That is to see, after setting ringtone, you can also change the mode as ring, vibrate and others.
    -Set the volume size. You can set four size at one time. Press the mark, you can also see the accurate number of size.
    -Supply us if you think it is good or you have any question also can tell us with supply button!

    It is the best and most powerful ring editor in android mobile phone. It can not only play as a Ring Editor but also play as a ringtone recorder and tone offer!!! You can not miss the powerful file. It will help you much in daily life and it will make your life more colorful and conveniently than before. Because, you can hear many different ring everyday and make the ring only belongs to you!

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