Ring Making




    Ring Making is a free app used on android mobile phone to set call ring, alarm ring and other tones. In the origin system of your mobile phone, you have not enough choices. In other words, the ring file is limited. And if you what to use other music as the ring, you have to download from the internet from popular website such as twitter, Facebook and so on on computer. This app can offer you almost hundreds of different ring file. You can have a audition before setting.
    We prepare you three main kind of ring style. They are Call, Alarm, and notification. You can choose different ring file from the system we prepare you, or the music file in your SD card. We also prepare you seven common used ring on the opening page!
    *Set call alarm and notification ring at one time.
    *Choose ring file from the system we prepare you in the app.
    We prepare you six choices, they are alarm, notification, heavy music, lively tone terror tone and so on.
    Every choices includes more than ten different files.
    Press the file, you can have a audition or join list (set it as the ring).
    After you join it in list, you will return to the home page.
    *On the home page, we prepare you seven common used rings. The timer icon means alarm, the brand icon means notification and the music icon means call ring.
    *About button can send your suggestions to us or offer us 5 stars.
    *You can see all files in your SD card.

    If you have your own voices file or the sound file of your children in your SD card, you can also use them as the ring. For example you can record "get up now" with other software in SD card to wake yourself up in the morning.

    Bored with the former ring in your mobile? now change another one and wake up with the song you love everyday! What are you waiting?