Ring Setting



Your mobile system has set a ringtone for you when you buy the mobile. But you really do not like it. Although you like it at first, but after a time you may feel tired of it. You can set a personal ringtones. As we all know, when your mobile in a low power or some unsafe elements entered your mobile, there is a alarm like siren sound. This sould always make you fell scared. while there is no serious thing at all. Why do not you make a more harmonious song? You wil not feel too alert when you heard this song and also can solve the problem. Ring Setting can help you to set all ringtones again.
Ring Setting can help you to set ringtone one time. You cn change the ring as the song or sound you like.

-Free app for all people.
-Set the phone ring, alarm clock and Warning tone at one time.
-See all file in your SD card.
-Press the sound file you can set as ringtone.
-You can join the music file in a list.
-Choose from SD card or system are all supported.

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