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This application helps to schedule ringtone on specific time. No more annoying phone calls during meeting, lectures or midnight sleep because you forgot to set phone to silent mode.

This application will fit everything up nicely into your normal activities.

Scheduling types:
* Daily basis: mode is activated based on selected day(s) of the week
* Specific time: mode is activated at a specific time

Switchable modes:
* Silent
* Silent with vibration
* Normal
* Normal with vibration

(Optional) Individual ringtone and smstone can be set up separately for each scheduling setting.

1. On application screen, press Menu key to create new setting
2. Set phone mode for the setting and date/time for the schedule
3. Ringtone and smstone selections are only available when the mode is set to Normal or Normal with vibration
4. Save -> Close program -> Done

Free version: maximum 2 scheduling settings are allowed.
Plus version: unlimited number of scheduling settings.


Alan needs to go to uni during 10am-2pm every Monday-Thursday. He creates 2 settings:
1. Silent: daily repeat, Monday-Thursday, 10am (i.e. to turn off)
2. Normal: daily repeat, Monday-Thursday, 2pm (i.e. to turn back on)

Alan also doesn't want to receive calls during midnight sleep, so he adds 2 other settings:
1. Silent: daily repeat, Monday-Sunday, 10pm (i.e. to turn off)
2. Normal: daily repeat, Monday-Sunday, 9am (i.e. to turn back on)

He will have a concert on 20/12/2011 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, so he adds:
1. Silent: exact time, 7pm 20/12/2011 (i.e. to turn off)
2. Normal: exact time, 8pm 20/12/2011 (i.e. to turn back on)

On every Sunday, Alan visits his gf's house so he'd like to change his ringtone to the song "Nothing gonna change my love for you" only on that day. So he adds:
1. Normal: daily repeat, 9am Sunday, custom ring: "nothing gonna..."
2. Normal: daily repeat, 9pm Sunday, custom ring: "who'd let the dogs out" (i.e. back to his normal ringtone)

Q. How to delete or rename a setting?
A. Long press on the target setting will pop up a menu for selection.

Q. My mp3 file does not appear in ringtone selection list.
A. Use ASTRO application (or any file explorer application) to copy that file to:
/sdcard/media/notifications for sms tone
/sdcard/media/ringtones for ring tone
If these directories do not exist, simply create new folders. (or try using /sdcard/notifications and /sdcard/ringtones as an alternative method).

Q. Any other questions
A. Please forward your question to EMAIL@ADDRESS with:
EMAIL = android_support
ADDRESS= minasolution.com
We will reply within 24 hours.

Thank you for using this application.

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