Rob Adam Refrigeration



Rob Adam Refrigeration app allows you to book in a service call and tells us whether your servicing is urgent, super urgent or moderate - we can send out one of our team members right away! You can also hire a mobile coolroom straight from our app or even check out all our services offered here at RAR.
Email us a photo of your servicing issue or even just a happy customer! View our website, look up our location and get directions!!

Whatever you need, you will find it within our RAR mobile app.

Rob Adam Refrigeration - Keeping Cool Since 1988!

Rob Adam Refrigeration app has:
- Upload a photo of your servicing problem
- Book an service call with our easy to use form which even allows you to select how urgent your servicing is
- Send us a voice message to book in with one of our qualified servicemen
- Fill out your details to arrange a personal appointment with our team
- Read testimonials from our happy clients
- Make notes of your servicing issues or record when your next service is