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    Titanium Tweaker is a CPU optimizing application which helps you boost up your Phone's CPU and make it faster.
    The application tweaks the kernel, as the name suggest, such as to change the Scaling Frequency, Governors and Schedulers.
    Also this app is universal so will work on all ROMs and Phones which support the features!

    UPDATE INF :- Turbo Charger! Boost your phone with PreSet TurboCharge'd LMK profiles ! Now added Set On Boot Option,Hardware Acc. , Faster App , Old Features Coming Back Soon in Further Updates

    Fellow Developers! Feel free to add this app to your release's ramdisk
    Previous Users of this app must have noticed that this app is updated after ages :P Actually i did not update it,
    I completely rebuild it from scratch ! with a better heirarchy , sleeky UI, a fast Interface, and sexier tweaking
    So you may miss features like Prop Editor, Turbo Charger, Customized toggles, etc
    These features will be added in the next few releases after which i will work on better tweaks

    Current Features of this application :-
    * Cpu Frequency Optimization
    * Governor Selection
    * Choice of Available Scheulers
    *TurboCharger Profiles
    *LMK settings
    many old and new features coming back

    Titanium Kernel Users :- There will be updates on kernel specific parts too like voltage and other scripts Stay tuned for it.. You can get the voltage working version from Aditya's SL kernel Thread till then

    The application works right from froyo upto JellyBean (4.2)

    Note :- ROOTED USERS ONLY !!! no, i was'nt shouting,, its so that it comes to you attention
    Supporting all SU binaries and works with all kernels and roms.. If you are on stock, it will not work..

    follow on xda :-

    Credits :-
    Aditya Patange (adi_pat) - could'nt have dont it without you
    Ajay Kawte (speed_bot) - appreciation
    StackOverflow :P - i would have been nothing without you.
    Others - testers etc..

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