Roulette Assist



- Ever notice how sometimes the winning number of a Roulette spin is next to one of the hot numbers?

- Ever wanted to learn the sequence of numbers of the Roulette wheel so that you can place some bets next to those hot numbers?

Welcome to Roulette Assist!

The "Number List" provides a reference to the sequence of numbers of the Roulette Wheel (both American 00 and French 0 available)

The "Hot Numbers!" provides an easy to use interface for programming "hot" or frequently occurring numbers and immediately seeing surrounding numbers

The "Quiz Me!" helps you learn/tests you on the sequence of numbers (start with easy and by the time you get to hard you will have them memorized!)

So what are you waiting for?

By using this software you agree to be bound by the terms set forth in the EULA (found in the settings section)

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