Run! Auto



Run! Auto is an app for scheduling working.
It is able to be timed on/off many tasks!

Your can do some system settings by the time,
such as WIFI/Bluetooth/Rigntone/Reset etc..
There are three executed mode : Power Saving, Super Power Saving, Normal.
If your device would miss tasks, please change to "Normal Mode" through menu.

Functions list :

* Multiple Language Support: Traditional Chinese, English
* Low memory usage
* Low frequency of use, low power usage
* Can be timed on/off 3G data, wifi, GPS, rigntone
* Can be timed on/off airplane mode, bluetooth, WIFI AP
* Can be timed Reset/Close device (rooted need)
* Regular timer : Every Day/Week/Month
* Can Enable/Disable tasks
* Can execute task immediately
* Can clear logs
* Auto clear up app cache
* Auto stop background service when no task enable

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