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This application automatically turns screen off, start any selected app or play selected notification sound when S Pen stylus is detached/attached to your device.

*** UNINSTALL instructions posted in description bellow ***
*** This application works on Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 8.0, Note 10.1 and Note 10.1 (2014). Galaxy Note 1 does not have this sensor and is not supported.
*** Works only with stock firmware. Please get GMD SPen Control for custom ROMS or if your device is rooted. ***

*** Please, read uninstall instructions! You have to turn Device Administrator permission OFF in application settings before uninstall, or uninstall will not work!!! ***

* Custom sounds for S Pen attach and detach events.
* Show customizable actions list when detaching S Pen.
* Start any action, application or shortcut on detach (including S Note popup).
* Screen Off when attaching S Pen stylus.
* Smart Screen Off Mode - turn screen off on attach only if it was off when detaching S Pen.
* Return to Home screen when attaching S Pen stylus
* Create Screen Off shortcut on Home screen.
* root NOT required
* Free version has short delay before screen off. Pro version has no delay.

All these 1 star rating are from users who didn't know how to uninstall the app, so please read, its simple:
--- Uninstall Instructions: ---
This application asks for Device Administrator permission. It is needed for screen off action. You will need to turn this permission off if you want to uninstall the application or Android will not allow to uninstall it.
Simply click 'OFF' switch in application settings.

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