SafeDriver-SMS Email Autoreply



This Professional app identifies when the car
starts moving and mutes incoming text messages and Emails (editable) which are a dangerous distriction while driving.

• Enables the driver to focus on driving.
• Protects the lives of driver and passengers.
• One-third of drivers will type a response while driving.
• The chance of having an accident is 23 times greater
while reading or sending messages.
• While reading messages, the driver removes his eyes from
the road and focuses his attention on the cellphone.
• In the time it takes to read just one message, a driver
can go the distance of an entire football stadium.
• Use of the cellphone and reading messages while driving
is the number one cause (!) of car accidents today,
surpassing alcohol and speeding.
• Hundreds of thousands of drivers send messages while

How does it work?

• The application automatically identifies when the car
start moving.
• The application silences the tones of all types of
messages (SMS, e-mail, Facebook, whatsapp, etc.)
• The message sender receives an automatic message: “Hi,
I’m driving. If it’s urgent – please call.”
• The message text can be changed as desired.
• The application automatically identifies when the trip is
over, and switches the phone back to regular function.
When the trip is over, the driver can send messages

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