SafeNet Pro

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    App for testing and cheking the security of your Wireless network. AddFree and light, under 100K. It shows the results in 3 diferrent way in function of the vulnerability, a red exclamation, a yellow exclamation or a green lock wich means that your newwork it`s safe.

    It notice about vulnerabilitys of open networks,Wep,Wpa or networks with default password setting like WLAN_XXX or JAZZTEL_XXX in wich case it demostrates you by showing you the password calculated and giving the change to prove it.

    By default shows the saved in system networks. Pressing scan from the Action Bar or in Gingerbread and less by pressing menu button you scan for nearby networks.

    Remember that this is not a cracking tool, it`s an app intented to help securing domestic wireless networks by giving advice, shows some default wireless passwords only for demostrative purposes.

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