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Get information returned from the GPS satellites with Satellite Check! View coordinates, number of available satellites, satellite time, satellite signal strength to noise ratio graphed dynamically, satellite positions plotted relative to your location and other GPS statistics. Your coordinates are mapped onto a satellite view of the earth and a street map. Sunrise and sunset times are calculated using your coordinates and the satellite time, and in version 2.0 we are pleased to deliver a compass we're sure you will enjoy. A handy app for any GPS aficionado. Translated into Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese (traditional and simplified). Includes a handy "Where am I" feature showing you your location on a map along with the coordinates and physical address.

- Maps are now bigger.
- Looks better on more devices!
- Improved response rate for reverse geocoding (technical language for "address finding"). Thanks to Cameron Hall of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Basile Laderchi, Athens, Greece for some great user feedback and suggestions.

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