SatFinder Android is an Android-based geostationary satellite location and dish alignment tool. It has a database of all current geostationary satellites worldwide, and it provides detailed pointing instructions for all of them. It also has a list of popular satellite receiving dish models with pointing data for them as well. And more, it has a way to superimpose the locations of your selected satellites directly on a live camera picture of the sky at your location. The picture on this page shows a typical display of three user-selected satellites, positioned on the sky in their correct locations. SatFinder Android also has another pointing method, meant for Android devices without cameras, that uses your Android device as an azimuth and elevation signting tool.

SatFinder Android takes what was once a rather complex technical job requiring a knowledge of ZIP codes, city and state names, or geograhic positions, plus a hand bearing compass and an inclinometer, and collapses it into an easy-to-use Android application that locates itself, finds your satellite, and then tells you where it is by pointing to it.

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