ScaleNET ID Storage



This is an Android scale ID Storage app for the ScaleNET Wi-Fi Weight Transmitter. It can store up to 5 pieces of information with a transaction, along with the transaction information and weights, a fine/coarse GPS location is also stored so you can see exactly where you processed the transaction.

The ScaleNET module that this app is designed to work with is a load cell analog-to-digital converter with Wi-Fi for sending weight data from a scale base to a wireless network or mobile device. Designed for non-legal-for-trade weighing applications, ScaleNET may be used with bench scales, axle pads, tank/hopper scales, and ag bars. The wireless applications are endless! ScaleNET features adjustable noise filtering (IIR and FIR), and the device’s LED light indicates when data packets are being transmitted. For more information, please visit

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