SchattenWurf for Shadowrun



SchattenWurf is primarily designed to be used with Shadowrun 4th Edition and 5th Edition and supports Glitches and the "Rule of Six" (i.e. whenever you roll a 6 the die "explodes").

The SchattenWurf app does not need any permissions on your Android device and is completely AD FREE - and will stay that way.
The dice rolls are generated using a cryptographically strong pseudo random number generator.

- Simple interface
- Quick & easy selection of the number of dice to roll
- Roll log
- Enable "Rule of Six", e.g. for rolls using Edge
- Shows Glitches and Critical Glitches
- Toggle between SR5 & SR4 Glitch rules
- Dice-rolling sounds (Optional)
- Shake your Android device to start a new dice roll (Optional)

The app's design was partly inspired by the iOS app named "SR4 Dice Pool Roller".

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