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Scientific Calculator - FREE

Scientific Calculator - FREE

10,000 - 50,000 downloads

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CalcTastic FREE is a powerful yet easy to use, full-featured scientific, statistical and conversion calculator with NO ADS!!

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If you find CalcTastic Free useful, post a review or consider purchasing our full version to support development. The full version also includes:
- Fractions
- Full Landscape Support
- 7 Additional Themes (12 total)
- Android's ONLY full-featured Programmer's Calculator
- Base conversions between Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal and Binary

CalcTastic FREE includes the following:

- Algebraic, Sequential or RPN input methods
- Postfix notation.
- Expression or Stack Display
- Expression History with 20 records
- Calculator Stack with 50 registers
- Memory with 10 registers
- 5 high-quality themes
- Copy and Paste
- Configurable numeric display (decimal point and digit grouping)
- Intuitive long-click feature removes the need to press SHIFT
- Easier to use than an HP 11C / 15C

- Degree/Minute/Second Conversions
- Standard, Scientific, Engineering and Fixed Decimal Notations
- Configurable Precision from 0 - 12 digits
- Table of 44 Physical Constants
- Over 210 different conversion units across 14 categories
- Trig functions in Degrees, Radians or Grads (w/ hyperbolic equivalents)
- Conversions between Degrees, Radians and Grads
- Natural and Base-10 Logarithms
- Percent and Delta Percentage
- Mod(Remainder), Absolute, Ceiling, Floor and Round operations

- Factorial and Gamma Functions
- Combinations and Permutations
- Random Number Generator (random decimal or random in given range)
- 15 Single-Variable Statistics commands operate on all stack entries
- Quantity, Min, Max, Range, Sum, Median
- Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Mean Squared
- Sum Squared, Sum of Squares of Variance
- Sample Variance, Sample Standard Deviation
- Population Variance, Population Standard Deviation

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Recently changed in this version

- Full theme makeover (12 full / 5 free).
- Memory storage increased to 10 registers.
- Holding CLR/CLS now clears history when using the Expression display.
- Added the description to the results page of the Conversion dialog.
- Reduced some extra parentheses in expressions.
- Some double-negative expressions now cancel each other out.
- Performance and memory usage improved.
- Changed 0^0 to equal 'Error'.
- Changed 0th root of N to equal 'Error'.

Comments and ratings for Scientific Calculator - FREE
  • (72 stars)

    by Eddy Hicks on 04/06/2014

    I have tried many and this is the best scicalc for me. IMO it has the most logical UI and it's a real joy to use. The author has thought of almost everything.

  • (72 stars)

    by sonny ericson on 24/05/2014

    Very good app, best graphics (i like very much the idea of showing the equal sign at the result screen - it looks alot more user friendly) and No intrusive permissions! Thanks it's exactly what I was looking for

  • (72 stars)

    by Wei Lu on 26/04/2014

    Give you a familiar feeling of calculator, yet with greater power of scientific calculation. Selectable prefix and postfix notation makes it suitable for both average and efficient users .

  • (72 stars)

    by Reena Gupta on 10/03/2014

  • (72 stars)

    by noah leitz on 22/02/2014


  • (72 stars)

    by Alex Mcphee on 21/02/2014

    gives the right answers but its a bit tedious for your questions Pros: 1. veiw, you can see the entire question you are entering 2. sequence, you can set the calculator to either work things out in the order you plug them in or by algebraic sequence Cons:1. brackets rarely work, the only work at the begining of the problem and you can use them without a sign in front of them, kinda defeating the

  • (72 stars)

    by Moles Adrian on 16/02/2014

    It is the most realistic of all other apps I tried and works fine.