Screen Brightness




    To change and adjust your Android phone screen brightness here!
    Screen brightness is a free app for Android user. With this app, you can change the brightness of your phone. Normally, there is not easy or possible for one or any app to change the brightness of android. If you want to change your phone screen, you have to go to the setting part.
    Let us see a brief introduction of this Screen Brightness.
    1.Totally free: If you want to change your phone screen with a new and convenient way, now you can get it with no charge at all.
    2.What brightness can you change here? Here you can set your max and min brightness in some percent. Car Dock Brightness can also be changed here if you want. How to change? Do not worry, just move your finger and slide the bar and the screen brightness to change to your desired one. The specific percentage will be showed or displayed in the button under each term. Besides, Desk Dock Brightness here is to be changed to a new if you like.
    3. Before you change the brightness of car dock or desk doc, please make sure that you have checked the choices of set car dock brightness and desk dock brightness.
    4.Do you want to have a more comfortable and convenient experience? Create a shortcut to the home screen if you want. Click the button under "home shortcut", you can set a shortcut on your phone home screen. Later, if you want to enter into this app, you can touch the button and launch it directly.

    Press the menu, you can find more:
    1.Your phone may get dark and go back to the requested brightness. If your phone has a little flicker for a short period of time, Do not worry that it dues to the way it works not the problem of your phone.
    2.Before you launch this app and set your brightness here, you should turn off the auto brightness in your phone by the setting. If auto brightness is still on and enabled, it will have no effect and the brightness will not change.
    For these, we hope that you can understanding when you encounter these situation. Believe us that we are trying our best to settle theses in future.
    IF you want to see more, you can get it by yourself for your phone. Your support is asked. IF you like our app, please promote it to your friends and rate us with five starts. We will appreciate very much. If you have something that you do not understanding and want to know further, please let us know by email.
    Hope you can enjoy it and have a wonderful experience!