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*** NEW AND IMPROVED Script Kitty 2.0 ***
Script Kitty has been re-written from the ground up to enhance compatibilities and capabilities across the board. Script Kitty allows administrators and power-users to tame the beast of managing remote servers over SSH from portable devices. Run scripts and programs on remote servers with a flick and a click.

Script Kitty 2.1 Features:
- NEW - Redesigned Tablet and Phone GUI
- NEW - Completely rebuilt ssh libaries for enhanced protocol support
- NEW - Enhanced OS support for OOB OSX and BSD support
- NEW - Public key authentication
- NEW - Experimental Support for local android scripts!
- One-Finger Command execution to single or multiple servers
- Export of command logs to SD
- Import command scripts from SD

- Encrypted keys added - prompts for passphrase on creation
- Existing keys support (with passphrase suppport) - For existing keys, just place overwrite the created keys with your own files. Passphrase are cached for the application session only.
- Tasker and Locale support for scheduling re-integrated
- Address= address will now go to the tcp stack for use with tunneling, while Address=localhost will pipe to /bin/sh for local android support
- Shortcuts are dead, long live widgets! Widget re-integrated for creating one-click buttons on your desktop
- Larger "CLEAR" button in log screens
- Script input field cleaned up to stop auto-corrections and other keyboard madness
- Other random fixes for old versions of android

Free Version
- Limited to 3 Servers
- Limited to 2 Server Groups
- Limited to 5 Active Scripts
- No Backup/Restore Support

Script Kitty Pro
- Full Backup and Restore of Servers and Scripts



How can I import .sh scripts?
Script Kitty will attempt import all files, with the .sh extention, located on your sdcard in the ScriptKitty folder. The script files should ONLY contain the commands to be executed, and be in plaintext format. Script Kitty will use the filename as the label in the interface. You can rename your scripts after they are imported. Non-cleartext file may cause the application to crash or fail.

How can I use pubkey authentication?
You must first confirm that the server is properly setup for authentication with public keys. Once validated, from the preferences menu, Select the option to "Generate public key". Once pressed, Script Kitty will create public and private key files on your sdcard in the ScriptKitty folder. You will need to import the public key into your server, and enter the appropriate username on the server definition. You can leave the password field blank, and the public key will be passed at execution.

How do I export logs?
Simple, just long press the log entry you would like to export, and a window will pop up with an option to "Save log to SD"

How do I execute a script on a GROUP of servers?
For safety purposes, we have moved the option to a nested menu. To execute a script on a group of servers, select one server from the defined group and press the menu button or icon. Script Kitty will display a new option labels "Run group script". Once pressed, you will proceed to the script screen, and the selected script will be executed on the entire cluster.

How do I run local scripts on my Android device!
To enable running scripts directly on your device, create a server definition with the address of "localhost". Any scripts executed on the "localhost" will be piped directly to /bin/sh on your device.

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