SecureBulldozer Pro(wipe data)

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    I can protect my own information in my mobile device!
    You do not have to worry any more about your privacy.

    Help me ! Bulldozer!

    Rated R Pictures with my ex-girlfriends, are you sure its 100% deleted?
    Ask Bulldozer J
    Old smart phones in your wardrobe, You don’t know what to do with it?
    Just sell it in flea market! Because bulldozer is there for you!

    Even though you want to change your smart phone to new Galaxy S4,
    are you worried about your old smart phone’s private information?
    Isn’t there a way to solve this problem?


    Try our SECURE BULLDOZER! BULLDOZER will wipe out your private information perfectly.

    BULLDOZER is total solution for private information in your mobile device.
    BULLDOZER will wipe out your critical private and confidential information. Wiped out information by BULLDOZER cannot be reconstructed, so if you are trying to sell, change your smart phone, you have just made right choice.

    Are you concerned about our application’s performance?
    - we have confirmed our performance by using legal restoration tool, and confirmed the deleted information cannot be restored by legal restoration program.
    - performance also confirmed by mobile restoration program.
    - confirmed information completely deleted by using Hexa Editor, searching entire memory.
    - Samsung, LG, Pentech, HTC, Google phone performance confirmed.

    Introducing Bulldozer’s technology.
    Until now, the established theory was that it is impossible to wipe out certain information out of smart device completely. In general case, in order to do complete wipe out, you have to cover the new data, but the system does not allow you to do that, because the system will keep trying to write new data from whole different place. BUT THIS MEANS THAT YOU CANNOT COVER UP THE OLD DATA, YOU CAN ACTUALLY DELETE THE WRITTEN DATA COMPLETELY. We have developed out technology from this idea, and we have achieved our patent.

    Main function
    - file browser – you can select which file to wipe out by using this function.
    - search – you can search your files by category and erase it
    - storage management – you can search the “unused” part of the memory and completely wipe out the “not activated part” of the memory

    - Out UI is similar to general file organizer, so easy to use
    - It is not “Total format” so you can choose which file to delete.
    - You don’t have to initialize your phone to wipe out data.
    - You can do “part initialization” by formatting the “not activated part”
    - The special function of bulldozer pro : wiping copy of data when a file is modified

    - when you are trying to sell your old smart phone device
    - when toy are trying to change your smart phone device
    - when you are trying to erase important photos, videos, or word files,
    in order to prevent the accident from the phone loss

    We have tested over 20 kinds of smart phone device and it showed almost 100% percentage performance. We will try our best to make better function and develop our technology in order to make 100% performance data wiper for customers. If there is any problem while you are using this application, please contact us to with your phone model no. and android version. We will try our best to fix the problem.

    Thank you.

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