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'freeze' turns your phone into an anti-theft mobile alarm system. Whether you put it in the locker while working out at the gym, keep it in the car at night or place it on a table at the coffee shop, 'freeze' will detect if the phone is lifted and will trigger a notification to your destination of choice.

You may choose to enter a phone number, send an SMS, send an email or sound an alarm in order to scare off the offender:
- Phone call notification: allows you to enter a phone number that will be dialed automatically once alarm is activated.
- SMS/Email notification: gives you the option to send a SMS/Email to your destination of choice. If the GPS is enabled, the SMS/Email will include the last known location of the phone (did you forget it somewhere?).
- Alarm notification: provides different alarm ringtones to choose from: phone's default, custom alarms (car security alarms, or mosquito and flatulence alarms for the jokers), and a text to speech options which allows you to apply a phrase of your choice to function as the alarm notification.

It is recommended you utilize the phone's security option that requires you insert a password to unlock the screen in order to deactivate the alarm.
To get to the security options, tap the menu button from the home screen, then choose Settings>Security>Screen lock. Once you set your security option, you can set how quickly you want the phone to lock itself.
Enabling/changing the password can also be done within the application itself under preferences.

GPS/MAP: the application records all the places where the alarm is activated. These can be viewed under the map option, don't forget to enable the GPS (under preferences!)

Known issues: in some devices it appears that when the screen turns off, the sensors stop tracking. In these devices, 'freeze' will detect phone movements only when the screen is active.


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