Security Provider plus



Security Provider plus was developed as a system analysis tool for developers and users who want to know what features your device has. Compare the data on the data stored daily updated files with other people.
Lists all hardware and software informations of your device. Lists the algorithms of the security provider of Android on the device and writes it to a file. Lists all known 162 Android permissions with description.
1. Device Informationen
• MANUFACTURER – INFOS: type, model, device,product, brand, cpu, cores, hardware ...
• OS – INFO: OS version, API level, bootloader, build, serial ...
• DENSITY – INFOS: desity-dpi ...
• DENSITY – REFERENZ: default, low, medioum high
• SCREEN – INFOS: height pixels, width pixels
• BATTERY – INFOS: healt, level, temperature F and °C, technology, voltage
• SENSOR – INFOS: accelerometer, magnetic, pressure ….
• MEMORY– INFOS: iternal, …
• CAMERA – INFOS: mega pixels for camera front and back
2. All bouncy castle cryptografic information (security provider)3. All Android Permissions
3. Lists all known 162 Android permissions with description in English
The listing is for the users, the thought is interested in the possible permissions of apps and Android developers who need permissions for the listing in the manifest.
Two of the most dangerous permissions:
READ_PROFILE - Allows the app stored personal profile information, such as for example, read your name and contact information. This means the app can identify you and may send your profile information to others
READ_CONTACTS - Allows the application to the user contact to read data. Are called including the frequency with which certain people sent these e-mails or other information to be exchanged. The permission allows apps to save contact details and hoe Rapp can transfer contact data without the user's knowledge!

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