sensor track



- Outline
 It is an application to acquire the sensor data on the back ground.
The result is output to the CSV file.
It would be greatly appreciated if it could chiefly use it for the verification.

- Kind of log
 The corresponding sensor is the following kinds.
 Acceleration sensor
 Orientation sensor
 Magnetic field sensor
 Proximity sensor
 Light sensor
 Logging is made to be good the data of the battery, too.

- Output directory
Data is preserved in the following directories.
/sdcard/sensortrack/accelerometer accelerometer
/sdcard/sensortrack/orientation  orientation  
/sdcard/sensortrack/magnetic    magnetic   
/sdcard/sensortrack/proximity proximity
/sdcard/sensortrack/light     light     
/sdcard/sensortrack/battery    battery   

- Output file
The unit of the output of the file becomes a file that delimits the acceleration,
the inclination, and the magnetic field, adjacent, and the illuminance of each amount.
It is a form named yyyyMMdd_HHmm.txt.
It becomes a file delimited every day for the battery.
Data is acquired by using Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED.

yyyy year
 MM month
 dd day
 HH hour
 mm minutes

- Use
It presses, and the dialog is displayed on the sensor list screen when pressing it the item of the sensor.
The collection of logs begins when "start" is pressed by the dialog.
When "stop" is pressed by the dialog, the collection of logs is stopped.
Refer to the data collecting now when you press "view" by the dialog.
When "data" is pressed by the dialog, the file list is displayed.
When the file name is selected from the displayed list, the data of that time is superimposed to GoogleMap.
"data" is only GPS.

- Revision history
-Ver 1.36 Bug fix
-Ver 1.35 Bug fix
-Ver 1.34 Bug fix
-Ver 1.33 Bug fix
-Ver 1.32 Bug fix
-Ver 1.31 The addition of a notice function
-Ver 1.30 Bug fix
-Ver 1.29 Bug fix
It is a functional addition so that the logging timing of WIFI can be set up.
It is a functional addition so that change of a cycle can be performed in menu button ->Setup from a list screen.
-Ver 1.28 Bug fix
-Ver 1.27 Bug fix
-Ver 1.26 Preservation processing of data under voice A preservation unit creates a WAV file per for 1 minute.
An output directory is saved below at /sdcard/sensortrack/audio.
-Ver 1.25 The addition of the logging facility of the base station code using CELL_LOCATION.
-Ver 1.24 Layout correction of a list screen.
-Ver 1.23 The addition of the logging facility of the electric wave intensity using SIGNAL_STRENGTHS .
-Ver 1.22 The item about a telephone number is also added by hardware information display.
-Ver 1.21 It enabled it to acquire hardware information for a menu button under on a list screen.
When the OK button is chosen, information is copied to a clipboard.
-Ver 1.20 The addition of the dump facility of /proc/stat
-Ver 1.19 Bug fix
-Ver 1.18 Bug fix
-Ver 1.17 Bug fix
-Ver 1.16 Display of measurement distance of acquired GPS data
-Ver 1.15 Layout mod
-Ver 1.14 & 1.13 Bug fix
-Ver 1.12 Add of func to refer to data collected in GPS log func
-Ver 1.11 Change of specification of manner of operation
-Ver 1.9 & 1.10 Bug fix
-Ver 1.8 Add log func to use Criteria
-Ver 1.7 Add log func to use LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER
-Ver 1.6 Bug fix
-Ver 1.5 Add GPS log func
-Ver 1.4 Bug fix
-Ver 1.3 2.0 or more.
-Ver 1.2 Add Wifi log func
-Ver 1.1 Add Bluetooth log func

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