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mobile customer sales report with location and mapping---
Assocham Award winner 2013
SEE your SALES skyrocket with this mobile app
totem sales man sales daily reporting solution--sales multiplier app---sales power app
as u move door to door u can send gps tagged reports to your boss
easy to use free app
u also hv a reports feature so that u can see and share D W M Y basis summary and reports daily weekly monthly yearly
also for the company if a salesman leaves the company the gps location and address will help next sales man to reach that place easily and also be updated on status of other nearby sales opportunities
sales head of company can map all opportunities for sales on a gps map
color UI for reports will be released soon with color maps for opportunities based on time date chances etc
this app can be used by door to door salesman to log in entries or even service technicians ......even when u travel abroad u can use it to log the gps map of sales/service done
this is a sales automation tool for SMEs .....
register your details and start receiving reports as u enter data of customers on the move
if u are a sales boy/girl and half your time is being spent finding the location of the customer and then noting the details this is the app for u ....enable gps gives u location address google map and lat longitute all in one

simplest cheapest most effective tool -u only need a smartphone ----app is free to use ----say goodbye to your dairy of numbers addresses ,locations ,street numbers etc goodbye -----use app and become an e sales man ----focus on double digit growth rather than managing data and notes ----app can send reports to your boss on the fly
track your progress for the year ----check out each visit problems and solutions
use the menu button on phone left hand bottom side to explore options
attach photos of your bill ,product,or just any other photo relevant to the customer visit to your report
click on address and see the address gps location and gps google map get automatically updated
ideal tool to monitor your sales persons in the field ----ideal tool to go green ----use less paper and more of cloud storage

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