Overclocking Undervolting Tool for Motorola Defy.
Save Akku Power and set CPU Scaling to minimum while Screen is Off.
Set Scaling to maximum on incomming phonecall.
Set Scaling to Medium on Low Battery
With setvsel you can set Vsel OnDemand or Performance
it include a stability test to ensure you settings are stable
Need ***ROOT***

version 1.11
maybe 2.2 support (i cant test this, it use overclock,ko from milestone2.2)
VSels are now added dynamicly so 4Vsel are possible now !!!
new stabilitytest
some bugfixes

version 1.12
now you have the option to use the BuildIn Test or StabilityTest from the Market

Version 1.14
it loads the OverclockModule from MilestoneOverclock (if Installed) now and use that. (because of unsupported rom) maybe droid and milestone works too this way

it also looks at /system/modules/overclock.ko .... so to all RomCockers pls place a working overclock.ko for your Rom into that folder ;o)

Version 1.30
works now on CN2.2
widget that shows akt cpuspeed is included (beta)
ad's removed
waiting dialog on startup (can be removed with a donation search market for SetVsel(donate))

Version 1.31
-bugfix for startup probs on some phones
-ultra fast reboot is back (this time it seems without freezes)
-menueitem for reloading overclock.ko
-more logs for better bugfixing

Version 1.32
-optionally CpuSpeedIcon in statusbar

version 1.33
better error handling and logging
hopefully fix force closes (if not pls send logcat)

version 1.34
reboot on UK 2.2 fixed

version 1.35
new cpuspeedicon in gingerbread green ;)

version 1.36
up_threshold is configurable
you can quick switch scaling_governor over notificationpulldon

version 1.37
added the option to set up_threshold to 99% on low battery

version 1.38

version 1.39
fixed the bug that the wating dialog comes on screen rotation.

version 1.41
performance enhancments

version 1.42
bugfix when changing iconset

version 1.43
the abnormal batteryusage is fixed !!!!

version 1.45
-now you can set 2 batterylimits ! 1 for limit Vsel and 1 for setThreshold
i.e set up_threshold to 99 on batt = 40% and on batt = 20% limit to vsel2
-more onthefly options via notify menue

version 1.47
-shows a RED icon when both battery conditions are reached

version 1.48
-SD Card Speedfix added

version 1.50
-added BatteryInfo in 1% Steps to NotifyBar

version 1.51
-optional apply "sysctl -w vm.min_free_kbytes=4096" @boot
-small bugfixes

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