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    Are you using different apps for App link share, App Uninstall , App APK Share ?
    If Yes then “App Share” is perfect app for you to perform all 3 activity in one app.
    App Share app can be called multitasking application & which you love to have in your phone.
    Share Apps really share your apps' installation package(APK) with your friends directly in free.
    This is a great way to get friends with new android smartphones started. It's very useful for those times when you want to quickly tell a friend about a single app or your favorite app .
    You can share apps on facebook, twitter, Gmail , Bluetooth, Drive etc.
    You can also share link of application on Facebook, twitter, Gmail by “Share App” application.
    Other than sharing application you can also uninstall apps which you don`t want to keep in your device.
    Best Share App in Android market.

    1. Multi Tasking app
    2. Share Apk directly as attachment by Gmail
    3. Share with other applications which accept text (SMS, facebook, google reader, etc...)App Link Share on facebook, Whatsapp, twitter,Gmail etc
    4. Uninstall applications
    5. App Share in free
    6. Very Small in Size

    This application convert the application you want to share into apk file and it's very useful I Recommend this share apps to your friends which allow you to share your application that you can enjoy anytime.
    Its Very justified & must have app.
    Feedback & Suggestions are most welcome.

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