"!Share+" is an app for organizing and tidying up your cluttered "Share" menu.

"!Share+" is (almost) appeared at the top of "Share" menu, please click it to show the "!Share+" list.
"!Share+" is also appeared at "Complete action using" menu, and able to "Use by default for this action", of course.
At first, the "!Share+" list has only an "Other..." item, and you can click it to show a view of all apps corresponding to the MIME type of the data. Long-clicking an app in "Other..." list makes it register to the "!Share+" list. The data is send to an app by clicking.
By long-clicking an app in "!Share+" list, you can unregister it or change alignment of the list.

An restricted edition "!ShareFree" is prepared (it's FREE). Please try it!

History of update:
ver. 2.1.0 (2012-06-27): Dialog title display/or not, select tab with app label in grid view, rename [Display Navi-bar] to [UI compatible with ver.1.3]
ver. 2.0.0 (2012-06-24): "File open" & "mailto:" link, change UI (navi-bar), text-size of app label in grid view
ver. 1.3.3 (2012-06-17): Bug-fixes for Cancel "Move" in grid view and uninstalling of registered app
ver. 1.3.2 (2012-06-16-b): List height setting, Bug-fix of icon size
ver. 1.3.1 (2012-06-16): change detection for flick, Bug-fix for create shortcut from home app
ver. 1.3.0 (2012-06-15): Grid view, Bug-fix for GET_CONTENT
ver. 1.2.0 (2012-06-13): shortcut, mushroom, search-key, and multichoice.
ver. 1.1.0 (2012-01-04): hook ACTION_CHOOSER.
ver. 1.0.0 (2011-12-28): in market.

Tags: \!share , glaeja , share menu clutter , grid 複数 タップ 背景色 , grid 選択 色 , \!share マッシュルーム

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