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Sheet Metal Calculator is an easy to use and a Quick tool to estimate the different types of very large procedural calculations of Sheet Metal like the Bending Allowance of a metal, Metal’s Spring Back force, the V-Bending Force of a metal, Wipe Bending Force and last but not the least, Deep Drawing Force.
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It has a very user friendly interface and an implementation of very deeply calculated formulas which provides the results very accurate.
For Ex.:
The user just need to enter simple basic measurements of the Metal Sheet like its thickness, Bend Radius, Bend Angle and it would calculate very complex calculations like the bending allowance length, the Set Back, length and the Bend Deduction in case you choose to calculate the Bending Allowance of the Sheet Metal.
It also features the explanation of each and every Process with very clear and deep Information. On clicking the Help button in the respective independent categories, the information regarding that category could be seen very precisely (Please refer the Snap Shots).
New Features In V2.1 :-
In ver2.1 We added new basic unit system like milli-meter, centi-meter, meter, foot ,yard, and Inch.
• User Can Choose Unit System For Input.
• User Can Choose Unit System For Output.
• Accuracy Level moves more than two digits so you get more accurate result.
Using these feature you can input using specific units and also get output in specific unit.
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