Sherlock Locator



If your phone is lost, don't worry, now with Sherlock Locator
just send a SMS.
Get the actual coordinates, or start playing a sound so you can hear it.

Main Features:
- Your phone is lost but you think that is close to you, just send an SMS to your phone with a custom text
and your device will start playing a sound. (even if it is in silent mode).

- If your phone has been stolen you can know where it is just sending a SMS from another phone and your device
send the actual coordinates.

- Protect Sherlock Locator with password to prevent unauthorized access.

- Activate the Stolen Protection and input an emergency phone number,
in case your phone got stolen. You will receive an SMS from the new Phone number.
When Stolen Protection is activated, every time after the phone is switched on,
Sherlock Locator check the SIM changes to send report new SIM Number.

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