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Show Battery Percentage shows you your exact device battery life

  • Lightweight
  • Does what it says it'll do
  • No advanced options

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"See your exact battery life"


Show Battery Percentage is a prime example of an app that says what it’ll do right from the title. This app will show you how much battery life is left with on your device’s status bar. If your device has a healthy amount left, you’ll see the remaining percentage in green. If it’s at its midpoint, you’ll see a cautious yellow. And if it’s in danger zone, you’ll see it display in red. Once you start charging your device, you’ll see a charging indicator on your status screen.


Show Battery Percentage is lightweight and is a great way to keep tabs on your battery life without having to close the app you’re using. It’s also a quick download and install.


Unlike other battery indicators, this app does nothing else than show you your current percentages, with no option to see how your battery’s life is doing, or if your device is charging correctly.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 04, 2015

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