Signal Booster



Boost your phone's speed by clearing cache and boost your signal by renewing phone signal

What it does?
-It boost your phone's speed by clearing cache so that your phone memory boost: Your phone's memory is freed and your phone works faster. It's more effective than clear cache apps (like app cache cleaner and easy cache cleaner or even memory booster).

-It renews your signal like signal booster : Speed Booster drops your current connection and connects to a better connection. It can be whether a closer WiFi router or a closer and stronger cell tower which gives a faster/stronger/better network signal. It works effectively as a signal speed booster and network speed booster.

You can use this application whenever your feel your network and internet connection speed is weak or your network signal is weak.

Is that all?

-No: Using this speed booster application not only makes your phone faster but it also helps you save battery. How? Here is the explaination: Your phone's battery is depleted much faster when your network signal and/or connection speed is weak. Battery tries to keep the connection alive when your network signal is weak.
If you have a strong signal and connection your battery will last longer.

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