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With one single click in this app, you can mute your device as well as set it into airplane mode. Vibrations can be on or off as you prefer. You can specify a future time (e.g. 5 minutes before the start of a meeting) when the device must set itself automatically in silent mode or airplane mode. Simultaneously you can specify the time when the device must restore automatically its original state (e.g. 15 minutes after the scheduled end of the meeting). For that purpose you can choose between a duration (e.g. 1 hour after the start of the silent mode) and a moment (e.g. at 11:05).

- The silent mode and the airplane mode are always enabled and disabled at the correct time, even when changing the time zone or stopping and restarting the device in the meantime. That’s because the app stores all times in GMT format internally.
- A notification icon indicates when the device will set itself automatically in silent mode. When the silent mode is enabled, another notification icon indicates at which time the original state will be restored.
- Like you see in the screenshots, there are five checkboxes that correspond to the different functions and sound streams. In the preference screen you can define which checkboxes are checked by default.
- Unlike what’s thought commonly, the music volume and the alarm sounds are not influenced by setting the phone in the standard silent mode with the aid of the power key. With this app, you avoid to turn on/off one by one the airplane mode, the ringer, the different vibration types, the music volume, the audible touch tones on the dial pad and the alarm sounds.
- Both functions “automatic restore after” and “automatic restore at” contain three ‘quick-set’ buttons with which duration or moment can be set with one single click. In the preference screen you can define the durations and moments that correspond to those six buttons.
- The times are displayed in either 24h or AM/PM format according to the global user settings of your device.
- You get detailed information about the streams and functions that will be enabled and disabled.
- Available languages: English, French, Dutch. The app chooses the right language according to the global user settings of your device. The default language is English.

* The permission 'System Tools - modify global system settings' is needed to be able to turn on/off the airplane mode.
* The permission ‘System Tools - automatically start at boot’ is needed to enable or disable the silent mode at the right time automatically after a reboot of the device.
* The permissions ‘Network communication - full Internet Access’ and ‘Network communication – view network state’ are needed to be able to display some discreet banner advertising. The Full Version is advertising free and so these permissions are not needed there.

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