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Silencer Pro allow lets in who you want, and keeps out who you don't:

Silence device for everything except for calls, texts, and emails (Gmail only) that you specify.

Choose either audible alert (choose from ringtone), vibrate alert, or both.

Choose either one time alert or repeating alert (i.e. "alarm clock mode")

A must-have app for all Android users who want to be undisturbed, except for a short list of people who you want to let through

Great in the operations setting to easily create customized, instantaneous alerts

Examples of uses:

1. You want to sleep undisturbed, but you want all calls, texts, and emails from your wife and two children to be able to get through and you don't want to miss them at any cost. Silencer will keep alarming until and unless you interrupt.

2. You want to work undisturbed, but you want calls from your wife and business partner, texts from your children, and emails from any of the 2 (demo) people in your small company to get through
3. A businessman in an important meeting wants only calls from Bill to ring through
4. You want a friend to wake you up each morning with an email or a text -- you enter that friend's email address or # that he'll be texting from into

Version 3 will support:

select sender phone #'s and email addresses from Contacts

turn silencer pro on and off on a preset schedule

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