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⌘ SIM Manager is a very good useful tool to help your manage your SIM contacts and messages.
Also it helps you copy, export and remove SIM contacts or messages.

⌘ Prior to giving any negative rating, please contact us at We will try to resolve all your issues.

⌘ Planed Features :- these features will be added soon.
◈ Easy selection mode for contacts and messages.
◈ Add contacts to SIM, and Phone.
◈ Edit SIM Contacts.
◈ Call or SMS SIM Contacts.
◈ Wait more super and major features.
◈ Show SIM Information.

⌘ Features Added:-
◈ Export all SIM Messages to Phone.
◈ Export all SIM Messages to File.
◈ Export all SIM Contacts to Phone.
◈ Copy one or many SIM Messages to Phone.
◈ Copy one or many SIM Contacts to phone.
◈ Copy one or many Phone Contacts to SIM Card.
◈ Import all SIM Messages from File to Phone.
◈ Remove one or many SIM Messages.
◈ Remove one or many SIM Contacts.

⌘ Hints:

⌘ Users reported SIM Manager is working on:
◈ All Samsung Family Devices.
◈ All Htc Family Devices.
◈ All Sony Family Devices.
◈ Crane-a901b1.
◈ Orange Monte Carlo.
◈ Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
◈ LG Nexus 4
◈ LG Nexus 5
◈ LG Optimus G.
◈ LG Optimus L7/P700
◈ LG Motion 4G
◈ LG Optimus L4
◈ Motorola Droid.
◈ Motorola Razr
◈ Motorola Droid Bionic
◈ Huawei U8860

⌘ Please contact me at
◈ If the application crashes on your device please send me an email to add your device support.
◈ If you have any question, need any help on using the app, or ask to add more language support.

Thank you for all your support! We welcome your feedback and suggestions and if you like this app, please rate it 5 stars! ★★★★★

Enjoy. ♥

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