Simeji (Japanese Keyboard)

Simeji (Japanese Keyboard)

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[Simeji 7.0 Features]
✔Re-designed icons!
✔Simeji setting menu has been redesigned. Keyboard setting is a good example.
✔Button skin for easy typing. Please try upward flick with Sakura button skin.

【About Simeji】
✔Simeji is free Japanese IME (soft keyboard)
- Convenient multi-functional keyboard with high customize capability
- Simeji public cloud conversion, including amusing sentence and kaomoji is available
- Advanced security for transmitting data.

✔Simeji Cloud IME service, which enables user to resister own conversions, including funny jokes and Kaomoji, in order to share these word conversion among Simeji users.
A great number of new converting words, like buzz words, funny jokes, and Kaomoji, have been added to this Simeji Cloud IME along with our original “Simeji Cloud Conversion” .
In this process to resister conversion to Simeji Cloud IME, we have operating committee to avoid publish inappropriate words.
Simeji truly appreciates Simeji users for their passions and attentions to improve Simeji conversion quality.

✔Trying better experience not only for input typing, but also for modifying its setting
・Easy access to setting via slide menu by tapping Simeji mark on keyboard and via control panel on keyboard above area.
・Long pressing「あ/A」button draws various settings for customization.

Easy setting examples:
Control Panel(on/off available in input support setting)
[Copy]…Copy, Cut Paste and Select All buttons with Starting point adjustment option with directional keys.
[Text Stamp]…Over 500 ascii arts are available. Additionally registered text stamps on user dictionary are accessible from this button.
[Voice input]…Text input with voice input(Voice input API by Google)
[Easy settings]…Switches between Simeji Cloud ON/OFF, and numeric keyboard

Slide Menu
[Mushroom]…Simeji original function to access supplemental input Apps, which other App adapted recently. Downloading mushroom Apps enhances your input experience.
[REC Input]…Generate URL to pass your recorded voice.
[Contact Picker]…This helps to type your contact data, like in a situation to type your friend’s tel number.
[Skin Gallery]…Various designed skins are available for users
[Simeji settings]…Easy to customize Simeji as your IME

Long pressing「あ/A」button
[Keyboard Layout]…For selecting keyboard layouts
[Keyboard height]…For keyboard height adjusting
[Width adjustment]…Especially for large screen users, it helps to adjust width
[Key-top color]…For changing key-top letter color
[Setting]…To access Simeji main setting page
[Input Method]For switching between keyboards app

・[Simeji setting]
[Keyboard] For Keyboard customizing, such as selecting keyboard layout, letter color, flick settings.
[Skin]…Access to Skin Gallery、Button Skin、My Skin(import image for setting as skin from user’s photo gallery) in order to customize keyboard appearance.
[Dictionary/Conversion]…For customizing local dictionaries、setting Simeji Cloud conversion、and clear local word learning history.
[Input support]…For customizing extra details around input, like key press sounds, turning on and off control panel.
[Mushroom]…Turing on and off mushrooms to be shown in slide menu.
[About Simeji]…Access to online manual and sending feedback.

※ Moving Simeji app to microSD card may force quit due to Android keyboard system. Therefore Simeji prohibit this moving.

※ In case you realise slow reaction or frequent force quits, Please try turning off or installing again after uninstalling.

※ This App will ask your permission to access 'Your personal information'. This is for Mushroom App 'contact Picker', helping fast typing pulling information from your address book. The address information is only accessed for this function.

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Recently changed in this version

+7.3 (gradually distributing)
1.Simeji ranking
2.Kaomoji panel ni [Hot] category
3.Fixed bugs,

1.Added Kaomoji input icon in Control Panel
2.Enhanced My skin usability
3.Fixed bugs, improved performance and stability
4.Fixed Android 4.4.3 crash

Comments and ratings for Simeji (Japanese Keyboard)
  • (62 stars)

    by yuko.nkmr1 on 03/07/2011

    i use HTC incredible S, have installed simeji successfully but can't get it start working. One of my friends who's a wildfire user tried but she didn't manage to. Can someone advise how to set this up?

  • (62 stars)

    by nekopongchan on 26/03/2011

    What I typed on my Galaxy i9000 in Japanese (just updated to Android 2.2) changed all into bugs,like ??????.
    It worked great on Android 2.1. Why is it? I don't know what to do.
    Help me please!!

  • (62 stars)

    by حذيفة أحمد on 16/07/2014

    the best program from this list

  • (62 stars)

    by Wirakkuma ウィラックマ on 15/07/2014


  • (62 stars)

    by Faye Shayer on 14/07/2014

    I really loved the keyboard. Not only was it efficent as you could change the layout but you could even customize the look too! It might be a bit confusing to those who's using a Japanese keyboard for the first time but it's very easy to use once you get used to the setup. Although, if you regularly use and are used to swipe, be warned, it doesn't work with this keyboard.

  • (62 stars)

    by イグナショシーラ on 14/07/2014

    so I gave 5 stars !! . . my friend shared this to me 'coz she know that I like japanese language.. but unfortunately, sadly . . . :(((( I can't download it, my tablet always says insufficient storage, but still have a space. I already try to uninstall my other apps that has some big sizes, but still !! I can't download this! whyy whyy whyyyy !! T^T)

  • (62 stars)

    by Bar Thanoo on 14/07/2014

    If you have katakana and romanji keyboard layout , it's the best. GG