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Simeji Japanese keyboard+Emoji's review


Ultra-customizable Japanese input alternative keyboard and ASCII art

  • Zillions of skins
  • Easy character input
  • Tutorial
  • (?°?°??? ???
  • Small ads everywhere
  • Hard to use if you don't understand Japanese

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"Keyboards just don't get any more kawaii"


Simeji Japanese Input Emoji is a highly customizable Japanese keyboard complete with all the standard emoji plus a ton of Japanese style ASCII art to spice up your missives. There are tons of skins available, and you can tweak the colors to make your typing experience match the color of your aura. It's very highly ranked amongst Japanese typists. It's a solid, reliable app if you're looking to type in Japanese, or if you just can't get enough (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


The ASCII art is hilarious and actually looks good on anyone's device. All the different customizations are fun too. Character input is smooth, as comfortable as working with three alphabets is ever going to be.


The sprinklings of ads everywhere are annoying, even though they're generally kawaii. If you don't know Japanese - I'm not sure why you'd get this app - but it's a little hard to use.

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Jun 25, 2015

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