Simple Alarm App



In our daily life, there are many places need an alarm. For example, you need an alarm to wake you up in the morning. When you have a meeting in fixed time, you also need an alarm to notify you. If you often forget something, this free application will help you much!

PRESS menu button on your mobile phone,
1. Add alarm or timer.
Set alarm time
Sound/ringtone or have a vibrate.
Enable it or not.
Give it a name.
For timer, you can give it a countdown time and set have sound or vibrate or not.
2. View alarms can list all alarms you set.
Press menu button, you can add alarm directly.
Long press the alarm, you can edit or delete it.
3. Clock setting can help you set
- 24 Hour Time or not
- Display secons or not.
- Short/full date display.
1. You can add both alarm and timer.
2. If you what to set a ringtone for the alarm or timer, you have tens of choices. The most wonderful thing is you can listen the ringtone before setting.
3. Delete or edit the alarm or timer as you like.
4. You can manage the alarm mode with setting button.
5. It support you add many alarm time one time.
6. It is a totally free application.

Simple Alarm App is a totally free app and it has many functions in it. Although it has a simple interface, it is powerful enough to meet all your requirements! Now enjoy it now. It is really applied!

This free app has ads in it and we get a few cents to support our developing. We maintain these free apps for you depending these ads. If you do not like notification ads or icon ads, you can uninstall it directly. Please do not do harm things and hope you respect the working of our developers. I bet these ads are completely harmless and at no point do we collect or store any personal information! Thank you for your understanding.

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