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    If you’ve got an Android phone, your biggest complaint is probably “Why does my stupid battery die so fast?”

    Good question. Here’s the answer: Simple Battery Saver! With one simple download, you get all of the convenience of an automatic task killer and app killer, plus innovative juice-saving technology that can immediately increase your battery life by 30% or more.

    With Simple Battery Saver, you can:

    • Automatically kill open unused apps and tasks—the biggest battery drain
    • Easily configure to manage screen brightness, sleep timing, wifi connections, GPS, and much more to save juice
    • Use quick preconfigured settings to see an instant battery savings
    • Optimize your battery’s energy output
    • Turn off all but your phone’s basic functionality when your battery is critically low on power

    Best of all, Simple Battery Saver is totally FREE!

    Gain peace of mind knowing your Android will always have power when you need it most—no more dead batteries when you have to make that important call or send that crucial text. No more watching the green bar go from green to yellow to red before your eyes. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse, not on the charger every minute.

    What makes Simple Battery Saver the best? Most battery saver apps are either task killers OR settings managers—NOT both. Simple Battery Saver’s technology, over a year in development, is designed for people who want a quick battery-life fix, AND demanding power users.

    Want a quick battery life extension? Use the preconfigured settings to instantly optimize the most common battery settings, giving your battery an immediate boost.

    Want to squeeze every last drop of juice from your battery? Customize your phone’s settings quickly and easily with Simple Battery Saver’s simple yet robust interface.

    Download today! And if you’ve already tried Simple Battery Saver, why not take two seconds and give us a Five-Star rating?

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