Simple Button Flashlight



This is the Adfree version of Simple Flashlight which works on Gingerbread (2.2) android phones and requires no Internet Permissions.

Simple Flashlight turns your phone into a powerful bright flashlight with a BIG button. This is the ultimate tool to take full advantage of the LED light in your phone. It is designed to be light weight, simple, and practical to use.

Get real folks, other flashlight apps offer fancy screens that wont mean much when in the dark and you are looking for the on switch. This app will automatically turn on your light and has a big hard to miss button to easily turn off the light. Comes with a sound option for those who want that clicking sound.

- No Ads, no internet permissions! Keep your cell phone secured.
- Uses your LED light to the fullest.
- Big Button to easily turn on and off your light. No sliding required, hard to miss.
- Small memory, no images to download, save your space for apps that require it.
- Turns on flashlight just by opening app, does not make a sound by default.
- Phone Stays awake, will not turn off in the middle of your search.
- Sound on/off button, don't wake up your spouse when your looking for the keys.

How to Use:
- Light will turn on when first opening app, there will be no sound.
- On/Off switch will toggle the flashlight on or off.
- Sound Button will toggle switch sound.
- BackButton will close app and turn off light.

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