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Simple! Simple! Easy to use! Call recording app is developed by the motto.
In the clean design without any unnecessary images and complex functions, I have also supported local languages. So we have to design you can rely on anyone, it is also recommended for beginners smartphone.

■ Development Environment
Eclipse 4.2 JUNO API level 9-16

As for reviews that do not work, this app has been created in a way compliant Android
for terminal will not work with the specifications of the manufacturer of the application, rather than a bug.
Or are restricting the call recording itself, and there is no call recording feature itself, a bug in the microphone
And there is, fails to create the recording file, etc. It is different.
The apps are also installed in the terminal operable evils came out also,
There is also a possibility that you can not record well.
In that case, I hope a review of the app has already been installed now.

In addition, whether operational, so you can refund it within 15 minutes,
Thank you towards the operation check, etc. First time signal.
This terminal can be set forth in the comments section of the report, such as you do not have to work
Thank you and your help will be updated from time to time.

■ I (models that can be confirmed) compatible models
GALAXY-S2LTE, S3 (S, S2 is not possible because the manufacturers are putting a limit on the call recording itself)

• Operates in the transmitter + receiver
SH-01B N06C (MEDIAS) SH-03C SH-12C T-01C (REGZA)

Operation and only voice recorder
SC-02B (GALAXY-S) XPERIA CM6.1.3 mandatory (V06 V07) ※ SD card
001HT SO-01C

ISW11HT (series HTC EVO)
※ It's a record that it can not set transmitter + receiver, receiver + transmitter can be recorded only in the setting of the sending or reception only
Recording only the mouthpiece-only reception is not possible. Yes Voice Recorder works fine.

■ Languages
Russian Japanese Korean Chinese English
German Italian French Spanish Portuguese
※ Screenshot is Japanese, so please rest assured the actual language of the street signage and terminal settings.

■ Number of storable
It can be saved as long as there is a body or an external storage capacity.
Recording of minutes (a whole 10 days) is available with a capacity of approximately 240 hours 1GB.

■ Menu
• Set automatic call recording: whether or not to call during the call automatically.
Various recording list: A list of the recorded file
• Set sound settings: the sound source. Transmitter + receiver, only the receiver, transmitter only three selected
Starting and manual call recording: Start recording and call checked. Automatic call recording is OFF
Only and can be changed during a call
Starting and Voice recorder: Start recording from the microphone when checked.
· Notification settings: whether or not to display a notification in the status bar
• Set Destination: Select from the body and the external storage location to save the file

■ the file list screen
· Play: Touch the list and play.
· Protection and release: possible protection and release setting by touching the mark on the right key.
※ Delete mail file attachment file name can be changed by pressing the head of the list.
※ You can not delete a file that is protected.
※ mail attachment is recommended for Gmail

■ (the screen that appears when you press the Menu button on the terminal screen, list) list function menu
• Release / protection of all
· Delete all

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