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A Simple Bedside LCD Clock, it keeps the screen TURNED ON for you. You do not have to unlock the screen again and again, when checking time is critical than battery life. Sure it drains your battery. Maximum attention is given to lower the screen brightness and all when this app is launched. Brightness will change back to your setting once this application is closed.

1.Displays time(Seconds are not shown) and there is no blinking of any kind to depict seconds.
2.Auto rotates when your phone is rotated and the auto rotation in the phone is enabled.

There is no ads at the moment! and of course it is free.

1.Probably will drain your battery a lot. Suggested to use when the device is connected to either charger or the USB cable or when it is critical for you.
2.This is not a widget which you can drop into your desktop. It is a standalone application
3.There is no settings at the moment, you would not be able change anything in the application including color, brightness ...

Though I request and encourage you to rate my application, If you need any bug fixes or any features, please email me keeping the application name as the subject line, since some times the requirements would not be understandable if conveyed via a one way medium.

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