Simple Manager



File Browser with support for
Creation, deletion, copy, cut (move), paste or zipping of multiple files or directories at once
Renaming of files or directories
Searching files by size, type alphabetical
Emailing of one or more files With email app of choice
Editing of text files, HTML files and tons others
File passing to other Market apps
Opening of files of various file types from other apps in Simple Manager
Full integration of Context Menu with support for copy, cut, paste, directory creation, file renaming
Extraction of various compressed file types including zip and rar files.
Install .apk (APPS) right from Simple Manager

File Viewers with support for following file types:
MOVIE FILES: ".m4v || .3gp || wmv || .mp4 || .wma || .mpga ||.wav"
MUSIC FILES: ".mp3 || .m4a|| .ogg || .wav" (Adding more)
PICTURE FILES: ".jpeg|| .jpg ||.png ||.gif || .tiff"
DOCUMENT FILES: ".html, || .htm, || .pdf"
MICROSOFT FILES: ".ppt, || .pptx, ||.rtf, || .doc || .docx"
OTHER FILES: ".zip, || .gzip, || .gz, || .xls, || .xlsx || conf, || .apk, || .jar"

Interaction with other Applications
Allows to open saved files directly in Simple Manager
Music Controls: allows to interact with Simple Managers Audio Player e.g. on Lock Screen etc
Video Controls: Watch any of the video types from above right from simple manager with puase, play, fit to screen and fast foward and rewind

change color of text from white or green, show a your external storage memory

Available on more than 1109 devices!!

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