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Simple Sticky (sticky notes) application widget. I would appreciate using a notebook / memo simple. How to use ■ "Add a widget (or the main screen and hold [+] button, etc.)" menu "Sticky Notes Sticky /" will be displayed when you select an input. When you save your registration, sticky notes icon on the home screen. You can not create a sticky note that there is no available space in the home screen ※. 1. The message Please register to view a guide to stage / 4 to 10 characters. 2. Edit / view your message, please sticky notes on the screen, tap the icon. 3. Stickies next time you no longer need to save and reuse your notes clear (recommended) or, please press and hold the icon in the Trash. Add a 1x1 re-use many widgets demand 2011-09-06 1.13 fix the problems - Message dialog? 2011-08-05 1.11 · notes to the edit screen to change the icon [Clear] button to add your notes When you save the clear, sticky note icon is a shortcut icon in the wind. Very easy to reuse! (Laughs) m I was not exposed to the presence of transparent I added 1.10 2011-08-03 (__) changes the icon to edit the message m 2011-08-03 1.09 · it was difficult to automatically adjust the font size · added 2011-07-12 1.08, f has a size just slightly larger (^ ^; stages / 4 to 10 characters in the aftermath sticky message ... m (__ ) Apology m!? add a sticky note icon (laughs) You can now edit 2011-06-24 1.07 a message. --- News --- After updating the OS to kill bugs on some devices ※ There was a report could not be confirmed ... m multiple studies in an environment that seems to be something better (__) information or request / bug m ·, please let us know do not hesitate.

Tags: stickies , sticky notes controindicazioni , 付箋 , note cards , sticky notes. freeware , making sticky notes home page using div , stickynotes , post it en français , simple sticky notes and japanese language input

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